Humour and Therapy

Why do people come for therapy?

Are we allowed to enjoy therapy and find humour in it?

For me, therapy is about exploring the widest and deepest aspects of being.

This must be done in safety and respect. This doesn’t mean it must always be solemn and worthy.

I think our ability to laugh and see the funny side of life’s absurdities is a powerful component of our resilience and healing capacity.

Indeed, I believe that humour plays with life’s confusions in an elegant and profound way.

Here are some sketches that I find funny and I hope you enjoy them. Why not send me the ones you like?

Why do people come for therapy?

Pavlov’s Dogs – Comic by Mark Stivers (2007)

Why do people come for therapy?

100% Test Chicken – Comic by Doug Savage (2020)

And by the way, you don't need to wait for a crisis.

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