The Wheel of Life

Why do people come for therapy?

The Wheel of Life

What is it?

The Wheel of Life is a review process that divides up our lives into smaller segments which are then easier to assess. In effect we give ourselves marks out of ten in each “life zone” and then draw the score onto the chart. This gives us a visual representation of how we are doing overall and points towards the zones that we can work on. The goal is to make our wheel of life the largest and most balanced circle possible.

Here are the zones

Health: How do you keep fit, look after yourself and manage your health both physical and mental?
Spirit: How do you cultivate your sense of awe and go about your personal growth?
Finances: How are you managing your finances, savings and expenditure?
Learning: Think about your meaningful connections, heros, mentors, teachers, and what you choose to read and watch.
Creativity: What about hobbies, fun, adventures, skills and things you are passionate about?
Sex: Is your sex life satisfying and fulfilling?
Romance: How are your romantic/significant relationships working?
Friends: What is your community of contacts, friends and support network like?
Family: How’s your home life, physical environment and family network?
Work: How’s your career and work/life balance?

Marks out of Ten

Estimate how satisfied you are with how each of these zones are working for you and draw an arc on the wheel. This will produce a visual representation, maybe something like the example below. It helps us decide what areas of our life may need some development. This is a great way to start some therapeutic work.

Why not give it a try?

There’s a downloadable template for you to have a go. Please see the button later on this page.

Watch the two minute explainer later on this page.

This two minute video walks you through the process.

Why do people come for therapy?

Watch the two minute explainer below.

And by the way, you don't need to wait for a crisis.

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