Releasing the grip of the past

An experiential group working with

Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor

A powerful mind/body therapy

with Mick Sands and Tom Corbishley

In London 2024

When is the workshop?

Sunday June 2nd 2024
9:30 AM – 6 PM ( finish time approximate)

How much does it cost?

Cost: £80 (£120 if you wish to reserve one of the structures on the day)
Tea and coffee are provided, but please bring lunch for yourself.

How to book?

To reserve and pay for a place on the workshop please contact Mick Sands.
07752 359616

Who are the facilitators?

Mick Sands profile pic

Mick Sands UKCP

Mick is an experienced Pesso Boyden therapist and an accredited UKCP psychotherapist (Reg. No. 2011167647) He trained in Contemporary Psychotherapy (CP) at the Bealeaf Institute in London. CP integrates approaches from a variety of therapies including understanding from psychodynamic, Gestalt, existential, systemic, NLP, and advances in neuroscience. He has a
background in secondary and special education professional theatre and music and extensive experience in therapeutic communities, learning disability, social and palliative care. Mick attends to creating a safe space within which to explore possibilities for healing and growth; explore and develop awareness around the life choices that have been made, in the face of issues that may trouble clients’ present and may have their roots in their past. He has worked for three years at the Number 42 Therapy Centre.

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Tom Corbishley



Tom is an accredited UKCP psychotherapist (Reg. No. 2011164553) and an accredited COSRT psychosexual and relationship therapist (Membership No. 3018). He was trained in Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor at the PBSP UK Training Institute. In 2019 Tom was the inaugural recipient of the Lowijs Perquin Memorial Award which is given annually to acknowledge efforts made by individuals within the UK PBSP community. Tom’s particular area of interest is how the experiences of our formative years can shape our way of perceiving, and being, in the world today.
He runs a busy private practice in Hertfordshire.

Where is the workshop?

Number 42 Therapy Centre

42 Borough High Street, London SE1 1XW

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What happens at the workshop?

The aim of the group is to create the circumstances in which the person having a ‘structure’ can have a positive, healing experience through creating new memories with the help of Ideal figures. All group members undertake to stay until the end of each day unless otherwise agreed. The therapist works with an individual in a therapeutic process called a structure, lasting about an hour. Together they externalise how the person maps their experience of the world through tracking their feelings and thoughts clarifying how their history creates this map. This is done with the help of objects, figures in the air, and other members of the group. While doing this, they create new personal memories, like creating a new map.
If we can experience these new memories in our bodies and imaginations and put them back into moments in our history when we most needed them we can have a better basis for living a satisfying, pleasurable, meaningful and connected life.
The role of participant observer group members is to witness the structures like a theatre audience might. Then someone may be invited to take a more participatory role as an Ideal figure. No initiative, improvisation or acting is required. Their position, movement and words are given them by the client and therapist. They are there to accommodate the needs of the structure person and to contribute to a vivid and believable experience. This can be also powerful for the accommodator. After each structure group members have opportunities to share what is happening for them as they witnessed/participated in this experience.